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The Italian Roles: The Mezzala

Il Calcio Italiano is a game of great players, great teams and great myths. It is also a game of great language. As Sam Griswold points out in his article for These Football Times, it’s not a game of positions and passes but of ruoli(roles) and dialogo (literally to dialogue, in football to pass). It’s a language worthy of theContinue reading “The Italian Roles: The Mezzala”

The Italian Roles: The Libero

The Italian game, for all of its glory and importance, is also one of great contradictions. Less than 20 years after Vittorio Pozzo’s double-world-cup-winning side aimed to become the epitome of muscular, warrior-like football, Gianni Brera, the most influential Italian sports journalist ever, argued that Italians were physically weaker than their rivals, and should lookContinue reading “The Italian Roles: The Libero”


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